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Labinot Tahiri will run for President of Kosovo, he says publicly when it will happen

Although he has left the political scene, with the humanity he continues to have, he aims to become the next president of the country.

It is about the singer Labinot Tahiri, who has revealed the unspoken so far about his goals in politics.

“I hope that day will come, and it will happen! Because this has been proven with my good intentions I have served the country with human contribution, in the work it does it does not stop the commitments to help people we have to work for the citizens as our family.

Many things happen unfairly that the citizens do not see, this country needs political motive, our governments work with anger, I have seen things, they speak differently and they are different, Albin Kurti leaves me with the impression that he is not corrupt but I do not know “what he has behind him,” Tahiri told “N’NEJË”. / ATVLIVE /

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