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Mustafa – Kurti: Washington agreement is not a private agreement of Abdullah Hoti – Latest News

Mustafa - Kurti: The Washington agreement is not a private agreement of Abdullah Hoti

The former chairman of the LDK, Isa Mustafa, spoke about the report of the American Department of Energy for the management of Ujman, which yesterday the US Embassy submitted to the “Kurti” Government.

The report proposes the formation of a commission or committee on the Ibar River that would facilitate the discussion between the parties (Kosovo and Serbia) on water resources management opportunities.

Mustafa, who was the leader of the party that ruled the country and signed this agreement, has shown whether after this report the “Kurti” Government should implement the September 4 agreement, following the calls of President Joe Biden, that all agreements in the Western Balkans should to be implemented otherwise the US will impose sanctions.

“For a country, the continuity of governance is of great importance, because the partners do not prefer to cooperate and invest in a country where a government does not implement the commitments, agreements and obligations of the government and previous governments. “They do not even prefer international banks and financial institutions”, said Mustafa,

He further said that it is the responsibility of the “Kurti” Government if it will implement this report.

“The US feasibility study for Ujman is a special contribution, but also a step that shows the seriousness of the US towards this agreement. The question of whether the Government will implement this study report is the responsibility of the Government. “She should study it and state clearly about it,” he said.

Mustafa said that the Washington Agreement is not a private agreement of Avdullah Hoti, but of the Government of Kosovo and this should be understood by Kurti and the political parties.

“The Washington agreement is an agreement of the Government of Kosovo. It is not a private agreement of Mr. Avdullah Hoti. “The ‘Kurti’ government must understand this, but also every parliamentary political entity”, he said for Front Online.

The former chairman of the LDK, said that the deputies of the Assembly of Kosovo should not be afraid of the Vetëvendosje Movement to declare about the Washington agreement and the feasibility report, as their statements can help Vetëvendosje to to behave as the ruling party and not as the opposition of the state of Kosovo.

“Vetëvendosje should not be afraid of MPs or parliamentary groups to clearly state this agreement and this feasibility report. “With this, they can help Vetëvendosje to understand that it should behave as a ruling party and not continue to oppose the state of Kosovo, whose government it is”, he said.

Ujmani is an artificial lake built on the bed of the Ibar River in northern Kosovo.

The US Department of State report on this lake has issued four recommendations to improve the security of the water supply system from Lake Ujman:

Updating water infrastructure. Implement the World Bank recommendations for the repair, maintenance and updating of the Iber-Lepenc canal, including the Mihalic Reservoir, to increase the security of the water supply system and water security in the region.

Implementation of the Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system at the Ujman hydropower plant to increase power plant revenues and further support load balancing. Using SCADA systems, improve the water and electricity infrastructure in the system in Ujman. The connection of the provided data and controls with the energy management system KOSTT, will provide opportunities for KOSTT to balance the load and manage regional electricity prices.

For the Gazivodë / Ujman hydropower plant, forecasts for energy demands would, among other things, increase revenues by planning hydropower operations when prices are high. Operating arrangements are required. SCADA data can also be used to inform the planning of power system models and to help identify the necessary infrastructure investments that may be needed to provide more cost-effective operational services, while increasing the flexibility needed to integrated renewable energy.

Implementation of a river commission and evaluation of river services. Establishment of a commission on the Ibar River which will support the operations of regional actors and coordinate the operations of the river. A river commission would support discussions between the parties on water resources management options, including taking action by the parties to directly affect water supply and river services for both parties.

For this, the US has said it has revised nine cross-border river agreements in Europe. According to the US, none of these European agreements cover the regional challenges of the Ibar River. For this he has proposed a technical coordination as it takes place on the Columbia River, based on the Treaty between the USA and Canada

Improve the predictability of water supply. The Ujman system appears to play a similar role to the Grand Couleet Dam on the Columbia River in the Pacific Northwest in terms of its contribution to the seasonal water supply mechanization system, and hydropower, as well as to control services. flood – all based on a combination of seasonal and short-term flow forecasts, all based on a combination of seasonal and short-term flow forecasts.

We propose that Serbia and Kosovo explore the value of seasonal flow forecasts and forecast flows, which are forecast products available to the European Commission in the Balkan region, to improve the planning of operations in the Ujman system. The impact of climate change on water supply must also be considered, together with its impact on water demand and electricity demand compounded by the impact of socio-economic development and the transition of the energy sector.

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