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NATO, official request to Albania: Army vaccination should be done only with Pfizer – Latest News

NATO, official request of Albania: Vaccination of the Army should be done only with Pfizer

While the vaccination process is ongoing in Albania, NATO has sent a request to the Albanian authorities and the Armed Forces, requesting that only the Pfizer vaccine be given to the army, including the National Guard which guards Albanian and foreign personalities.

So far, Albanian citizens are being vaccinated mostly with the Chinese CoronaVac vaccine from Sinovac, which has not been approved by the European Medicines Agency.

The official letter comes while the Albanian army will participate in the big exercise Defender – Europe 21, from April 26 to June 20.

NATO says in the letter that the vaccination of the Albanian army is a major priority for NATO, but adds that no other vaccine circulating in our country should be used except Pfizer-BioNTech.

Due to the pandemic, training will be conducted under full rigor, but with vaccination expected to alleviate the situation.

NATO says it is seeking the Pfizer vaccine as it is a German-American product certified in the EU and US. /noa.al

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