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The Albanian coach is punished with 30 matches after chasing the referees by car – Latest News

The Albanian coach is punished with 30 matches after chasing the referees by car

April 12, 2021 – 00:02


Among a number of decisions of the Disciplinary Commission that were published yesterday by the Albanian Football Federation, the 30-match sentence of the coach of Lushnja in women’s football, Hekuran Korreshi, stands out.

Such a punishment, especially when it comes to a girls’ match, means that the coach must have committed a really serious act and logically remains unemployed for a long time in the world of football. The coach from Lushnja was punished with a red card in the match Lushnja-AAS, valid for the 15th week of the national championship, a meeting held at noon on Tuesday at the stadium “Roza Haxhiu” in Lushnja.

Then came the severe sentence of 30 weeks from the Discipline. After the suspension, the newspaper contacted the coach Hekuran Korreshi, who gave his version of events. In a statement for “Panorama Sport”, coach Hekuran Korreshi talks about the sentence, while denying the accusations against him:

“I am interested in any errors in the figures. So I was not sentenced to three weeks. I learned that I was sentenced to 30 weeks, so full of a half championship. In the report, it was written that after the match I followed the referees by car. Something never heard before. The judges have come with a tendency to punish me.

In order to increase the punishment, they introduced it in vain, they invented things in vain. After the match, I came down from the stands and initially spoke to the media, together with my colleague, Ditmir, the coach of Ajax Shkodra. We talked in front of the cameras. Then I drank coffee with him, with my colleague.

Judges in relation can not make personal or arbitrary decisions. I made a request to reconsider the decision, which they made by bringing evidence, ie film footage. “The referees cannot throw ‘mud’ on the football of our city”, declared for the newspaper the coach of Lushnja in women’s football Hekuran Korreshi.

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