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Nishani: Oblivion leads to assimilation, which is also the most fundamentalist albanophobic project – Latest News

Nishani: Oblivion leads to assimilation, which is also the most fundamentalist albanophobic projectPhoto: Voice

The former president of Albania, Bujar Nishani, although he does not mention him by name, has criticized the recent statements of the Prime Minister of Albania, Edi Rama, who said that the Balkan region should look to the future and not to the past.

Nishani, in a Facebook post, said that forgetfulness leads to assimilation, while emphasizing that assimilation towards Albanians on both sides of the border “has been and remains the most fundamentalist albanophobic project.”

“To forget means to be without history. To be left without history means to lose identity. Without identity it leads to assimilation. “Assimilation towards us has been and remains the most fundamentalist albanophobic project”, stressed the former Albanian president, adding that “albanophobia has been born, nurtured and already sophisticated, except for the domination of territories”, reports Zeri.info.

According to him, throughout the Albanian history, our lands have been divided and robbed, but he says that “they are still not saturated”.

However, in the last three decades, Nishani says that this goal of fragmentation and plunder of our lands has been stopped by the growing solidarity among Albanians.

“It terrifies them, it enrages them, it weakens them, it exposes them to the light of day, as they are, albanophobes. Let us defeat them with more solidarity between us, with civilization, with wisdom, persistence, wisdom, with development “, emphasized in the end the former Albanian president, Bujar Nishani.

Although not mentioned in his text, it seems that this reaction comes after the expression of solidarity from Kosovo for Albania in the fight against fires that have gripped the country in almost every corner for several days now.

Kosovo last night decided to send some KSF military troops to Albania, as well as a number of firefighters. The situation with the fires had gotten out of control on the mountain above the Kalimashi tunnel on Rruga e Kombit.

However, today it became known that the fire spread over Kalimash has been extinguished, thanks to the cooperation between the two countries. / Voice

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