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Residents of the “Muharrem Fejza” neighborhood are protesting again

Residents of the neighborhood “Muharrem Fejza” street with connecting roads, will protest this time in front of the building of the Municipality of Prishtina.

Dren Shahini, has announced through an announcement that the protest will take place today (Tuesday), starting from 11:30 to 12:00, in the yard of the old building of the Municipality of Prishtina

“Even after the protest two weeks ago, we have not seen an acceleration of works. Also, in protest we will inform you about the petition which will precede the LAWSUIT from us residents for the Municipality of Prishtina! The works have started now for four months, and since then our daily life has become extremely difficult. We do not have safe spaces for walking as pedestrians, people with special needs now and for how many months have remained closed. Parents with young children have nowhere to go in wheelchairs. The sick and the elderly are in distress. Emergency services find it impossible to access the neighborhood. Alternative roads are lacking and the few roads used to enter and exit the neighborhood are not maintained. “Every day, cars are damaged by potholes and open wells that are a danger from every angle.”

“With the recent rains, many houses and ground floors of buildings have been completely flooded. We, as residents, have addressed our requests several times in the Municipality but even now we have no response to them. We have exhausted every form of institutional understanding as residents. Therefore, with the above mentioned date WE PROTEST for: Intensification of works, for alternatively maintained roads, for supervision of works and implementation of the dynamic work plan. We invite you to follow this activity, in order to raise awareness and address our requests to the municipal authorities “, said Shahini through the announcement.

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