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“Open Balkan” is expected to bring free movement of drugs, says LVV member – Latest News

Vetëvendosje Movement member Hysamedin Feraj called Euronews Albania “Open Balkan” as an unsuccessful initiative.

“I predict that the Balkan Open will be unsuccessful. “It is the context of the political regime in which it is realized, it is the context of authoritarian regimes, undemocratic, with very high corruption”, he said.

He stressed that the 4 freedoms signed in “Open Balkan” are very different from those that will be realized on the ground, as according to him this initiative will be a free movement of corruption and drugs.

“I would read the 4 freedoms like this: It is the freedom of movement of goods and the goods that will move will mainly be drugs. It is the movement of capital and the capital that will move will be drugs and corruption. “It is the circulation of ideas that is the circulation of Serbian nationalist ideas, and in the end the free movement of other people”, he said./euronews.al

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