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Osmani: We will remove reciprocity for license plates as soon as Serbia does it – Latest News

Osmani: We will remove the reciprocity for license plates as soon as Serbia does it

The President of Kosovo, Vjosa Osmani, is continuing her stay in the United States of America.

On Friday she participated in a discussion forum organized by Columbia University.

There Osmani spoke on various topics related to Kosovo, most recently the launch of the application of reciprocity measure for vehicle license plates from Serbia.

According to the head of state, reciprocity is one of the most important principles in international relations.

“Reciprocity in trade or other measures is one of the healthiest principles of international relations, especially if you have waited for ten years for the rest to remove the barriers or blockages and the cost of the problem for every citizen going from Kosovo to Serbia.” she said.

Osmani, talking about this issue, also shared her experience of removing signs while traveling in Presevo.

“My husband comes from the Presevo Valley, when he visited our family, before I became president, we had to remove the registration plates, and then the Serbian police would bring other plates with Serbian letters, which said that they were test plates. Then when I gave him the ID, they issued me a letter, so they practically wanted to strip me of my identity as soon as I entered their country. And of course you had to pay to enter. This was very difficult, even in the technical aspect, the waiting queues were long, it also made the economic aspect difficult, because according to international organizations a truck to go from Kosovo to Serbia takes 33 times longer than a truck to come from “Serbia in Kosovo”, added Osmani.

She said that this measure will be removed the moment Serbia does the same.

“Serbia has been doing this for ten years and no one has raised their voice against it. “Undoubtedly, we will immediately remove these measures as soon as Serbia does the same,” she added. / insider

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