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The fight with Coronavirus at the Pulmonology Clinic ends

Kadri Hajdini is currently a patient who has passed the corona virus and is receiving treatment at the Pulmonology Clinic.

Since Hajdini is 73 years old, recovery is taking longer.

Because of the problems caused by the virus, he regrets not believing in the virus before.

Hajdini now says that he is looking forward to being vaccinated against Covid-19.

The same as him, lying in this clinic is Ismet Oraca.

The oraca has suffered lung damage from the corona virus, although it is now in better condition after treatment.

These two patients and 30 others are admitted to Pulmonology due to the consequences of Covid, and have already come out negative with the virus.

Apart from them at the Lung Clinic there are no longer any patients positive for the corona virus.

This is confirmed by the director of this clinic Musa Hoxha.

Although the pandemic situation has eased, Hoxha says that Covidi is leaving some serious consequences on the health of the infected.

Other UCCK clinics still have patients infected with Covid.

In the Infectious Diseases Clinic there are 75 patients with Covid 19, in Sports Medicine there are 41 patients.

Meanwhile, in the Gynecological and Pediatric Clinic there are only one patient who has the corona virus./express

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