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Parents do not expect from the Municipality of Prishtina, they are committed to the regulation of the school “Faik Konica” – Latest News

Parents do not expect from the Municipality of Prishtina, they are committed to the regulation of the school

The engagement of parents has facilitated and regulated the situation in the primary school “Faik Konica” in the capital, where thanks to this a number of projects have been implemented without the assistance of the Municipality of Prishtina.

Equipping with laptops, renovating toilets, installing cameras in all parts of the school, building reading corners, are some of the investments that this school has benefited as a result of the commitment of parents to find donors to improve the well-being of students.

Jehona Oruqi, director of “Faik Konica”, said that in this school there is a functional and constructive triangle between teachers, parents and students.

Further, Oruqi said that the Steering Council with the representatives of the parents have contributed to the preparation of all processes to start teaching with physical presence in school.

“The cooperation with the parents in our school is of a very high level, which means that it works, the teacher-parent-student triangle works. During the period of preparations for the start of classes in September, the Steering Council with representatives of parents as well as teachers, have contributed to the preparation of all processes to start teaching with physical presence in school. The intervention was made in the school toilets, which have been completely renovated, and the classrooms have been equipped with internet, as well as with a laptop that enables teaching according to scenario B in our school.

Intervention has also been made of the camera system, which means that various angles have been provided within the school, aimed at relaxing the students, and many other things that have helped the process to make the school a safer return for the students. also attractive. “I am very grateful to these actors that the cooperation in every moment when we have asked have been ready and still continue to be ready to help in the school processes”, she said.

While according to the educational regulation meetings with parents are mandatory to be held twice a year, in the school “Faik Konica” they are held more often.

“But we have the Steering Council that are the representatives of the parents in this council, we also have the Parents’ Council, meetings are mandatory twice a year, but we as a school sometimes even more often hold meetings with parents. “Whenever necessary, continuous cooperation during the whole time of the pandemic has been present for which I am very grateful”, said Oruqi for Ekonomia Online.

Further, she says that the Municipality of Prishtina appreciates the cooperation that the school staff has with the parents.

“Our school realizes teaching according to two scenarios, for the lower cycle is scenario A, while for the upper cycle is scenario B. The difficulty is not that we have encountered a lot, since our school, thanks to the cooperation with parents, anyway we have had cooperation with the municipality are well informed that at the same time they are grateful for the cooperation that the school “Faik Konica” has with parents, we can say that we stand out as a school for mobilization of all actors in order to realize the learning process as much as possible well that is possible. During the summer period, the school Steering Council and the teachers worked and planned how to start the teaching process in September in physical form at the school. Also, the municipality of Prishtina has helped and facilitated the process by supplying us with all the equipment for disinfection, for keeping distance and other things that have helped the process ”.

When Kushtrim Demiri returned after 20 years to enroll his child for the first time in the school “Faik Konica”, he was faced with the same situation as he was when he was finishing lower education.

Demiri did not agree with the situation he found in the school.

Now the chairman of the school Board, says that in cooperation with parents and donors have implemented close to 50 projects in regulating school conditions.

“First, when we came here to school, when I enrolled the child for the first time, I did not agree with the situation I found in school. After 20 years, I thought that things have moved forward, especially considering that today education is the most important thing in the lives of our children. Then I did not agree with that situation and I did not want to be silent, nor did I agree with that situation. “So I took the first steps to help the school.”

“The first two years I helped with three special projects, where school curtains were placed in all classrooms, cameras and the camera system throughout the school, I was able to cover the weak points of the school, while from October 15, 2019 I received the role as Chairman of the Board of Directors of the school and from that day we have made a detailed plan together with the members of KDSH, where there are four of the teachers, four of the parents who are there, and also from the Student Council “, u he expresses.

“After the presentation of the KDSH plan, although we do not know that we are facing a very difficult year of the pandemic, despite all that, but it was a great will, which even today I feel proud as chairman of The Steering Council also as part of this school that today the change is affected in the school “Faik Konica”. Approximately 40-50 projects have been implemented. Of these four are in the process for this year that due to the pandemic the confirmations have been postponed and have remained as a process not that they will not be done, but only as a process until the end of this year. But what is most important that we have touched in every sphere of the school “, said further the chairman of the Steering Council.

Further, Demiri shows that the projects were implemented with the help of donors provided by parents.

“All this commitment was not made financially by the parents, the parents did not help financially to realize these donations, because we never asked for money, they were made with the will of various donors who are out of school, businesses or companies”, u he expresses.

Among other things, he points out that during the pandemic they feared that they would not be able to carry out the planned projects.

“It was very difficult to convince them, because on March 12 we only faced the pandemic and it was 5 months after I took office as mayor and I was scared, not in the sense that the projects will not happen but I was scared that will be postponed for this year. “Again, I am saying an extraordinary will, an extraordinary work has been done in the interest of all children and 45 projects have been realized”, he said.

“The projects that I had singled out within the school are the toilets, four toilets have become completely new. There are two reading corners, it is the entrance of the school, it is the school advertisement, it is the new school logo, it is the brand, it is every classroom decorated, it is the laptops, that we are probably the only ones in Kosovo that on September 1, we were for plan A, B, C, when we as a school have met the conditions of both internet and laptops, also security is one of the main things, the part of the cameras, we have the active school radio, it means all these activities that have been made within this year. This year, the uniform has remained, even though it was designed, but due to the pandemic, we have postponed it “, said among others Demiri.

On the other hand, the mathematics teacher, Vjollca Zogaj, showed how much the help provided by the parents has made their work easier.

She says securing laptops to conduct online learning has been essential to her.

“The help that our parents have given us, especially in our school, we are extremely pleased and it is really to be thanked for an extraordinary help that has been used especially by teachers, parents, children and I believe that it should continue. “, Said Zogaj.

“For the online learning I had to say especially thanks to the chairman of the Parents’ Council who provided laptops and helped us a lot and we are teaching with half the class since we have half the class at school and half at home she has us “It helped tremendously,” she said.

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