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PDK overthrows Ajaz, says Lladrovci is running again in Drenas – Latest News

PDK overthrows Ajaz, says that Lladrovci is running again in Drenas

Today, Driton Ajazi from the Democratic Party of Kosovo announced that he has received support from PDK structures in Drenas for his candidacy as mayor in this municipality.

But after his announcement, PDK reacted by announcing that the Central Presidency has already made it clear that it will re-nominate all the mayors in which it governs.

“The Democratic Party of Kosovo, respectively the Central Presidency, was very clear in January this year when it has publicly decided to re-nominate all the mayors in which it governs. PDK has re-nominated Agim Ali in Ferizaj, Naim Ismajli in Shtime and the same is expected to do with Ramiz Lladrovci in Drenas and Besim Ilazi in Kaçanik. Last week, the chairman of PDK, Enver Hoxhaj explained in private meetings to the chairman of the Drenas Branch, Sejdi Hoxha and MP Ferat Shala, “Ramiz Lladrovci’s candidacy for the Municipality of Drenas is a closed issue”, it is said in the PDK announcement.

Through this announcement, PDK has said that it evaluates the work of each branch but according to them, regarding the municipalities where this party leads, the Central Presidency has given its final word. / Voice

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