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Pipero says all anti-COVID vaccines are 100% effective – Latest News

Pipero says all anti-COVID vaccines are 100% effective

The Albanian doctor, Pëllumb Pipero, spoke about the process of mass vaccination in Albania.

In a statement for “TopChannel” regarding the situation in which the country is, Pipero says that the situation is calmer and the number of new cases is decreasing compared to two months ago.

“The situation is calmer, the number of new cases is lower, it is declining. In addition to the decrease of new hospitalizations, the number of new cases has been in a significant decrease, around 10% of the tested cases, 2 or 3 times lower than 2 months ago. “It seems a situation calmer than 1 month ago”, says Pipero.

There were also skeptics about making the anti-Covid vaccine and for them Pipero has a message, in which he states that all the vaccines that are in circulation are 100% effective.

“Vaccines that are registered and used in the country of origin, that have an experience in use in thousands of citizens around the world, are good. For me too, all vaccines are good and the best vaccine is the one that is offered to the citizen the fastest, the effect or purpose of a vaccine is to enable not only non-infection but also if you become infected not to get seriously ill. “All the vaccines that are in circulation have a 100% effect, every person who is vaccinated with the Chinese one, with ‘Pfizer’ or otherwise is 50% more protected, 50% less endangered”, declared Pipero.

He said the vaccines are very good, while appealing to all skeptics not to refer to “Google” or the news, but the opinion of specialists.

“A vaccine that enters a country with the approval of the vaccination committee is a very good vaccine. The vaccination process has also been slightly politicized, I suggest leaving it to the specialists “, said Pëllumb Pipero.

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