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Kollçaku Says Law on Infectious Diseases Will Be Amended: Necessary Health Reforms – Latest News

Kollçaku says the Law on Communicable Diseases will be amended: Health care reforms needed

Health care reforms are very necessary to stabilize the situation in this sector, says the chairwoman of the Parliamentary Committee on Health, Fatmire Kollçaku.

In an interview with Ekonomia Online, Kollçaku said that monitoring the implementation of the Law on Pandemics, as well as amendments to the laws on health, will be the initial priorities of the Commission she leads.

“It is clear that one of the main priorities of the Government is to fight the pandemic. This is a global problem, but we as a country will have its epicenter, among other issues, because we need health reform, we need to amend many laws, one of which is the Law on Communicable Diseases.

“We will also monitor the implementation of the law on Covid because as an Assembly we have the task of monitoring the government. The government has taken some restrictive measures that are not so drastic that have an educational character where after the release of the measures we have cooperation with all sectors. The task of the Government is to provide the vaccine and in this direction work is being done because it is a priority “.

Further, Kollçaku said that the second contingent of vaccines against the Covid-19 virus is expected to arrive soon.

“Now the vaccination has started and I am aware that talks are underway that very large quantities of other vaccines will come soon. We do not have a sufficient number of inspectors and we should not wait for them on how to behave. “We have to start behaving responsibly and be led by the government.”

She said that the Government is maximally committed to Kosovo to focus on fighting Coronavirus.

“I think that the Government is at the level of its duty. We have a decreasing trend but how much is their effect is seen in the following days. If it is decided that the measures should be removed, we should cooperate. The sanitary and health inspectorate should be strengthened in performing its duties and educational campaigns should be undertaken because we are still a poor country and we will be committed to vaccinating a large number of citizens in our country “.

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