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Prishtina Parents’ Council requests that the school be postponed for another 2 weeks due to the pandemic

The Presidency of the Parents’ Council of Prishtina have requested the postponement of the beginning of the new school year with a physical presence in schools, if the situation with the pandemic does not improve.

According to the press release, they have requested that the start of classes be postponed for two weeks.

Full response:

Feedback for the start of the lesson on September 1st

We, the presidency of the Parents’ Council of Prishtina, based on the degree of spread of the pandemic, the most severe in the country from the beginning; In terms of the number of infections and daily deaths, but also the expansion of the virus from all ages without exception, taking into account the additional risk of the Delta variant, we consider that the start of classes on September 1 with full presence in schools is extremely dangerous and with high potential for consequences on the health and lives of our children but also entire families. The damage can be even more severe if the already limited treatment capacity in hospitals is exhausted.

In addition to all this, we still do not have vaccinations for children under the age of 16, as this category is unprotected.

We want to remember here that (for preventive purposes) learning has been pushed into much easier pandemic circumstances.

Therefore, we request that, if the situation does not improve significantly, the start of physical presence teaching in schools be postponed. The postponement can be 1 + 1 week, depending on the pandemic situation.

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