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Pristina ends its adventure in Europe, eliminated by Bodo / Glimt – Latest News

Pristina ends its adventure in Europe, eliminated by Bodo / Glimt

August 12, 2021 – 20:00

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FC Prishtina has completed the adventure in European competitions.

The reigning champion of Kosovo was defeated in the return match against Bodo / Glimt with a result of 2-0.

Thus Prishtina is eliminated from the Conference League competitions after 180 minutes played against Bodo / Glimt with a close result 3-2.

The locals were superior in the return match, where in the 18th minute they scored a goal for 1-0.

Biotheim scored with a header for 1-0 after an assist from Vetlsen.

Bodo had the opportunity to increase the lead to 2-0, but captain Berg failed from the penalty spot in the 24th minute.

The first 45 minutes of the match ended with the minimal lead of Bodo / Glimt 1-0.

Even in the second half the locals showed more on the field, until in the 78th minute, Botheim scored a beautiful goal for 2-0.

Prishtina tried to score in the remaining time of the match, but it was impossible in the face of the strong defense of the Norwegians.

Mendurim Hoti had the best chance at the end of the match, but failed to send the ball into the net and Bodo won 2-0.

Thus Prishtina’s fantastic adventure in Europe ends in the third round of the Conference League.

Pristina thus becomes the first Kosovar team to play in the third round of a European competition.

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