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Production capacities of local producers increase – Latest News

Increase the production capacities of local producers

The Club of Producers of Kosovo, through a press release, has announced that the factory for the production of toilet paper “Flutra” yesterday inaugurated new production facilities, thus expanding production capacity.

According to the Producers Club, news like this show that “Made in Kosovo” products have begun to strengthen and be leaders in the local market.

“We are happy that the numerous demands and the expansion of the market have made our producers grow and constantly invest in new capacities and consequently in the creation of new jobs.
News like this show that ‘Made in Kosovo’ products have started to strengthen and be leaders in the local market, but are also quite competitive in the international market. “Quality and dedication will always be what sets these products apart and will enable the sustainable development of our economy and our country”, it is said in the communiqué of the Producers Club.

“Flutra” is a brand of the manufacturing company “EuroKosova” LLC and is a leading company in the field of toilet paper production.

“Flutra” produces kitchen papers in different sizes, C-Fold and Z-Fold hand papers, napkins, and toilet paper. All these paper products are offered with one or more layers, aromatic and are recyclable, composed of 100% cellulose.

The producers’ club congratulated the hygienic factory “Flutura”, hoping that such news for local producers will be more consistently. / Voice

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