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“Qeqa” for the form of FC Prishtina: I enjoy their form, FFK should “turn its head” for an invitation – Latest News

February 28, 2021 – 23:51

Well-known Kosovar journalist, Qëndresa Krelani has expressed her fascination with the form of FC Prishtina.

Zekirija Ramadani’s team does not know about the loss of 15 matches being the most fit team in the championship, reports “Zeri.info”.

Therefore, “Qeqa” says that FFK should “turn its head” from these footballers.

“I am happy when I see FC Prishtina in such a form. There are 15 matches without losses”, said “Qeqa” in “Dueli Sportiv”.

“Leonit Abazi is in top form scoring four goals in the last four games,” she said.

“With this form, now is the time for the Football Federation of Kosovo to turn its head from these footballers and make an invitation,” Krelani added. /Zeri.info

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