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Rama promises: Quit politics altogether if I do not get at least 71 seats in this election – Latest News

Rama promises: I will leave politics altogether if I do not get at least 71 seats in these elections

Prime Minister Edi Rama has placed a public bet on Sunday’s elections. He said that if he fails to get a clear majority with at least 71 seats in government then he will leave politics.

“If I do not have the opportunity to build a clear governing majority, I am not. The norm is that the first party is the winning party. If I do not have a clear mandate to do what I promised for another Albania, I am not. You realize the dream “Rama ik” – Rama said in “Opinion”.

Rama also clarified the idea of ​​cooperation with the opposition after April 25, while denying that there would be negotiations from Germany for this.

“Germany has no other business to negotiate with us. I and SP will defeat PD, Lulzim Basha, Sali Berisha and Ilir Meta on April 25. We will see once what will happen on FB. Saliu will be separated from Luli or with a post on FB, Saliu will dismiss Luli. I am not here to seek a third term for myself.

I am not interested in any form of power and politics that is not related to a clear mandate. I do not go into those you have seen like Sali who is the last. History has seen many people take lives for the chair. I want this mandate to lead Albania to a clear mandate. In the beginning we will create the spirit and the cooperation comes then and for that it takes years “- said Rama.

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