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Rama: The project in Badoc was completely legal, it was canceled due to the protests of environmentalists – Latest News

Rama: The project in Badoc was completely legal, it was canceled due to protests by environmentalists  Photo: MKRS

LDK candidate for Mayor of Prishtina, Përparim Rama spoke about the project managed by his company for the construction of villas near Lake Badoc, which was canceled by Lumir Abdixhiku in 2020, in the capacity of Minister of Infrastructure .

Rama in Rubikon of Klan Kosova said that the project was in line with the highest global standards for environmental impact, but that it was canceled due to protests by environmentalists.

“As an architect, I adhere to the processes, regulations precisely, we have different offers from different investors for different projects and we always go to see if the project is within the legal contours, within the regulatory plan, within the master development plan of Prishtina.”

This was the first point, we looked at it based on the regulatory plan of Pristina, the project was inside, it was completely legal and we looked at it and brought the environmental aspect called “Briem four”, with four stars, where the parameters for environmental protection are the highest in the world. “It happened differently, it was canceled and okay.”

“The project was canceled because of the protests, not because it was not in order. It is totally legal, even if you look at it now it is based on the law, I as an architect look at the legal aspect, so they invite me to do projects. “It had absolutely no impact on the environment, the idea was for us to bring the ‘Briem four’ standard so that the others that are already being developed in that part could be developed according to that standard.”

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