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RTS :: Stone hats of the Satan’s City, therapeutic water, new inns

One of the tourist pearls, Lukovska Banja, has passed, in twenty years, a thorny road from the abyss to one of the most prestigious, with about four hundred places in three hotels, which were built during this period.

When we talk about the guests themselves, who visit Lukovska Banja, they are certainly those who come here for treatment and rest, and in fact there are those wellness guests, who primarily come for enjoyment, swimming in pools filled with thermal water, walks in wooded Kopaonik “, said Natasa Todorovic, the manager of the” Bela jela “hotel in Lukovska Banja.

In the heart of Radan, one of the most beautiful and still undiscovered mountain beauties in our country, it has been developing for decades and from year to year it is becoming more and more attractive as an ideal place for rest and treatment for tourists.

An unavoidable place for visitors in this area for years is a kind of natural phenomenon Devil’s Town, with unique land figures, on top of which are stone hats.

“When guests come here, they have the opportunity to walk the path through the hornbeam and oak forest, admire the figures created by erosion, have the opportunity to see attractive sources of acidic water, which are bright orange and red,” says tourism expert Marina Cvetkovic.

The whole area of ​​Kursumlija is extremely rich in valuable fragments and memories of medieval heritage, above all the magnificent monastery of St. Nicholas, the first endowment of Stefan Nemanja, which has been watching over this city for more than nine centuries. The Tourist Organization of Serbia points out that this is certainly one of the most meaningful tourist tours in Serbia, which guarantees a pleasant vacation and enjoyment for all the senses.

“People should see this and experience this beautiful, fantastic nature here and spend part of their vacation, which they may plan to spend somewhere else, in these spas here as well,” said Predrag Stanic from the Tourist Organization of Serbia.

The tourist offer of this area will soon be completed by another spa, Kursumlija, which is being rapidly arranged and will receive the first guests in a completely new, renovated hotel, but also in a natural environment, in the fall.

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