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Sara enters the business, this is the field in which she will debut

It was only a matter of time.

Sara Hoxha with the popularity she has gained could not help but start a business.

She from her new venture and commitment has revealed details for the first time today.

On Instagram, where she concentrates most of her activity on social networks, Sara has revealed that she will collaborate with “SKosmetics”, the line of blogger Sara Karaj that is produced in Germany.

Although he has not yet wanted to show what cosmetic products they are specifically engaged in, work has been underway for several months.

We started working in May for a very warm thing and for me it is a “must have” [diçka që duhet patur medoemos].

You will find out more in the coming months but the final is in my favorite month “- said Sara.

Okay, we realized the line of cooperation comes out in December.

More details, we look forward to them!

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