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Schedule of Super Cup semifinal matches, meet Prizren 16 – Peja and Trepça – Ylli – Latest News

Schedule of Super Cup semifinal matches, Prizren 16 - Peja and Trepça - Ylli meet

September 02, 2021 – 23:55

Latest news from the sport

Tonight, the semifinalist couples in the Kosovo Super Cup in basketball are completed, writes Zeri.info.

The last two matches of the quarterfinal phase took place today.

From 16:00 the challenge took place between Rahovec and Trepça, with Mitrovica winning 71-74. Whereas, from 19:00, Golden Eagle Ylli and Bashkimi met, with the team from Suhareka, which triumphs with the result 93-73.

Meanwhile, on Wednesday, the passage to the semifinals was secured by Peja, which defeated Prishtina and Prizren 16, which won against Drita.

The semifinal matches will take place tomorrow (Friday), as this is the schedule:

Prizren 16 – Peja, time 16:00.

Trepça – Golden Eagle Ylli, ora 19:00.

Both the quarterfinal, semi-final and final matches will take place at the Palace of Youth and Sports in Prishtina. /Zeri.info

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