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The state fines him with 2 thousand euros, the owner of the cafeteria in Prishtina reacts

New anti-COVID measures imposed by the Kurti government have made it extremely difficult for gastronomes who are being forced to work only outdoors.

Many of these bars during these four days have been sentenced to large sums for non-compliance with anti-COVID measures.

One of them, Shpat Hashani, owner of the well-known cafeteria in Prishtina “Babel” through a post on ‘Facebook’ said that today he was fined 2 thousand euros because of the Tobacco Law.

“You are not normal, with the measures taken, if the church is letting us work on the terraces, here comes a fine of 2000 € for a terrace that worked remotely, if you had the law of smoking, I would not paint,” he wrote.

He has expressed disappointment with the new state leadership.

Hashan’s full post:

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