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Serbian model reveals she was offered 50 50,000 to “lure” tennis player Novak Djokovic – Latest News

The Serbian model reveals that she was offered mijë 50,000 for them

March 22, 2021 – 14:53

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A model has revealed that she was offered mijë 50,000 to secretly film herself seducing Serbian tennis player Novak Djokovic, Zeri.info reports.

Stunning Serbian model Natalija Scekic was even offered a break if she agreed to seduce tennis star Djokovic.


Speaking to Marcan, she said: “It is true that a boy contacted me. “I know him from (London) and I considered him a serious guy.”

“I am familiar with their work. “When he asked me for an appointment, I thought it was a business matter,” she said.

“However, as the conversation progressed, I saw that it had nothing to do with my life. “I thought it was a hidden camera when he told me I had to seduce Novak and film him,” Scekic continued.


“He told me I could get around ,000 60,000 for this and a trip wherever I wanted,” said the Serbian model.

Djokovic, 33, is married to his wife, Jelenan, seven years ago, when they have two children. /Zeri.info


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