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Serious accident on the Texas highway in the US, some dead – Latest News

Serious accident on the Texas highway in the US, some dead

February 13, 2021 – 09:41

The number of victims of yesterday’s massive accident on the Texas highway in the US has reached six, while 65 people were injured on the spot.

The tragedy occurred on Interstate 35 near Fort Worth where security cameras showed that a FedEx line truck had crashed into protective barriers after losing control of the icy road, failing to brake on the disc.


Several dozen vehicles behind him consequently collided one after the other as the course of the collisions was extended to 1.5 miles.

Emergency crews who came to the scene described the event as a ‘massive accident’ with cars crashing into each other, and drivers trapped inside them.

The death toll was initially reported at five, but the sixth casualty was confirmed Thursday evening. Investigators confirmed that 36 of the 65 injured had been hospitalized by ambulance.


Investigations into the causes of the accident are continuing with questions about the proper preparation of roads for the wet and slippery conditions provided.

Shirley winter storm is causing unrest in the US with low temperatures and freezing of roads.

The media said that the part of the road where the accident took place was completely frozen when the police and firefighters arrived./Express


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