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Tomorrow’s election with out worldwide monitoring and with two thousand fewer observers

Electoral integrity that Kosovo has achieved in several elections is causing the February 14 elections to be held for the first time without monitoring by the international community. Meanwhile, there will be two thousand observers less engaged in monitoring tomorrow’s elections compared to the 2019 elections, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Florent Spahija from the coalition of non-governmental organizations monitoring the election process Democracy in Action says that only 500 observers will closely monitor the election process at polling stations and polling stations.

Spahija tells KosovaPress that they have reduced the number of observers due to the pandemic.

“DiA has taken such a decision (to reduce the number of observers) due to the pandemic, secondly, the integrity of the elections has been increasing and this is another reason why the mission has been reduced. Normally, we will do it with the systematic monitoring system, normally it would not be in all classes, in all polling stations. “What will be done will be done through a certain sample,” he said.

The commitment of the institutions responsible for the organization and conduct of the election process, for a free electoral process, according to him, is the reason for raising electoral integrity to the level it is today.

Since they can not cover all polling stations and consequently not all polling stations, Spahija announced that they will be organized based on the sample, which they have determined together with other responsible institutions.

“We will have 500 observers in the field, who will communicate with us throughout the day. Any violation that will occur during the day at the polling station, is a realistic reflection of what is happening in the entire territory of Kosovo, but we consider that the integrity of the elections is at such a level as the Prosecution, Kosovo Police, courts, Judicial Council are engaged. of Kosovo and all state organizations and bodies to protect the vote. There may be 2-3 people in a polling station, but some polling stations may not be covered at all. This depends on how the sample was determined “, Spahija emphasizes.

Raising national awareness that the vote is sacred, for Spahija is a guarantee of a free electoral process.

On the contrary, he points out that anyone who disobeys the law can go to jail.

“We have constantly worked as an organization and as a group of the organization in this direction, so as to raise awareness that the vote is sacred and should be protected by commissioners but also by the citizens themselves. Voting is a criminal offense and can be prosecuted (legally) whenever it is discovered. Do not think that if you are not seen at the polling station abusing the ballot, you will not be seen by someone who sees those ballots, so someone audits those ballots, then someone can go to jail just because he worked in opposition. “with what the law says,” he said.

Spahija says that although with a reduced number of observers, Democracy in Action will gather all the information from the field in one center and will work closely with the State Prosecutor’s Office.

Early parliamentary elections will be held tomorrow, February 14, as we recall that the country went to the polls after the Constitutional Court ruled that the government led by Avdullah Hoti was elected unconstitutionally.

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