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Studies of bombs in faculties throughout Serbia once more

Kruševac This morning, primary schools received threatening reports about explosive devices, Zoran Asković, the head of the school administration, confirmed for RTS.

Police are on the ground, a counter-sabotage search is underway of all facilities for which an anonymous report has been sent.

There are no classes in primary schools in Krusevac today.

In a dozen primary schools in They are not reports of bombs arrived, the children were not even in school, and the parents were informed.

Bomb report in all primary schools in the city administration area Zajecar. From today, children will switch to online classes until further notice.

In all schools in Novi Pazar a report of planted bombs arrived, as well as in Baljevac in the municipality of Raska.

Kraljevački primary school students in four schools are in the yards, due to bomb reports.

In seven primary schools in Valjevo and several rural schools received reports of bombs during the night, the Valjevo Police Department said.

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