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The boy was significantly injured whereas searching, with a number of gunshot wounds

A 13-year-old child from Pirot, with a gunshot wound in the area of ​​the thigh and femur, head, chest and abdomen injuries, after surgical treatment and diagnostics in Pirot, was brought to the Niš Clinical Center.

The University Clinical Center in Niš confirmed for RTS that the boy has gunshot wounds in the thigh and femur area, head injury, chest and abdomen. He is aware, oriented, communicative and has stable vital parameters.

The teenager of U.P. was hunting with his father in the atar of the village of Vlasi, not far from Pirot. For now, the circumstances in which the boy was shot with a shotgun are unknown.

Around 2:00 p.m., the boy was admitted to surgery at the Pirot General Hospital, where he underwent surgery. Additional diagnostics showed serious injuries, so he was transported to the UKC in Niš.

The police confirmed that the investigation into this case is ongoing.

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