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T-shirts with the picture of Ron Desantis at Donald Trump’s first marketing campaign rally

Unlike the large rallies in 2016 and 2020, the New Hampshire event, timed for the party’s annual meeting, was held in a high school auditorium, with about 400 in attendance, Axios reports.

According to that media, the most organized support for Trump was provided by a dozen people standing in front of the parking lot, who were not accredited for the event.

In an hour-long address, Trump recalled what he said were his biggest accomplishments during his tenure as president — from cracking down on illegal immigration to slowing the spread of ISIS and launching the Space Force.

The biggest round of applause came 45 minutes into the speech, when he laid out a new proposal to crack down on critical race theory in public school classrooms.

An enthusiastic response also came when Trump proposed a constitutional amendment for term limits in Congress.

Commenting on criticism of his modest schedule since announcing his 2024 presidential bid, Trump said: “I’m two years in. I’m angrier now and I’m more committed than ever.”

As Axios reports, signs of support for Florida Governor Ron Desantis were visible throughout the event.

One of Desantis’ supporters was selling T-shirts at the stand.

A life-size figure of Desantis stood just outside the auditorium. Only a small part of the visible signs of Trump supporters – red MAGA hats were present in the corridors of the high school, reports Axios.

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