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Vučić and Zeman opened the renovated Czech Dwelling in Belgrade

The opening of the renovated building was attended by Czech Ambassador to Belgrade Tomas Kuhta and former student of the Czech Home Jarmila Lanjik.

President Vučić said that President Zeman is a true friend of Serbia and that he was with our people when only the brave were allowed to be.

Vučić said that a Czech proverb says that a true friend is the one who is with you when everyone leaves, and that it is better to walk with a friend in the dark than alone in the sun.

“President Zeman was with us when only the brave were with us, and he is a friend with whom we can go to the Sun and when it is day and night and dark. He was one of the few who dared to speak about Serbia’s libertarian tradition and about the struggle of Serbia for its survival. Several times in the past 10 years, he pointed out in the most fair way the sufferings Serbia was going through. He always advocated that Serbia accede to the EU urgently and without delay,” emphasized Vučić.

He pointed out that Zeman worked to strengthen diplomatic and cultural relations between the two countries and that he is the holder of the highest decorations of our country.

“There were so many bureaucratic difficulties and problems, but Zeman so wanted the Czech House to be built and said that he could not come to Belgrade until we did it. That became a command for me. We all committed ourselves to do that important work. We have returned to the Czech Republic what is rightfully due to it,” said Vučić.

President Vučić pointed out that he wanted to improve the conditions for preserving the language and culture of the Czech people and the community in Serbia, but also to increase every other type of cooperation between the two countries.

“Here, way back in 1928, this building was built by the members of the Czech association, we have now invested almost 2.4 million euros and we carried out all the works respecting the requirements of the Czech side in relation to the original archival project. Otakar Vavra, by the way, the mentor of our Emir Kusturice, before working as a director, studied architecture, he said – a film must be built like a house, from strong houses to a roof that doesn’t leak,” said Vučić.

He said that he believes that we must build our relations between Serbs and Czechs and between Serbia and the Czech Republic according to the same principle.

“Czech home is one of the cornerstones of those highest quality relations, this building must be a pledge of the most beautiful friendship between the citizens of Serbia and the Czech Republic. Thank you, President, for everything and to everyone who participated in this great work,” said Vučić.

President Zeman, you are always welcome in your house, the Czech House and in Serbia, said Vučić.

Open doors of Czech culture

The renovated building of the Czech House in Belgrade will serve to spread Czech culture, develop relations between the two countries, support the work of the minority, education and sports activities in such a way as to contribute to the strengthening of understanding between the citizens of the sister countries of Serbia and the Czech Republic, said Czech Ambassador to Belgrade Tomas Kuhta.

The president of the association “Česká beseda Beograd” Andrej Kubiček said that the Czech Home has been completely reconstructed. “From the basement to the ceiling, everything is completely fixed – painted, floors fixed, new electrical installations installed…”, said Kubicek.

As he pointed out, it is possible to open the doors of Czech culture to all citizens of Serbia in the Czech House, because there will be drama exhibitions, literary evenings, concerts, gastronomic events…

On the occasion of the opening of the renovated Czech Home, two exhibitions were organized – Serbian and Czech.

The Serbian exhibition consists of a series of pictures and texts that bear witness to the history of the Czech Home, as well as photographs of works on the restoration of that building, while at the Czech exhibition you can see photographs representing Czech-Serbian military cooperation during almost two centuries.

Vučić and Zeman signed the declaration today in the Palace of Serbia on the strengthening of cultural cooperation and the establishment of the Czech House in Belgrade.

The foundation stone for the Czech Home was laid in October 1926, and the building was inaugurated two years later.

It was built by the Belgrade Czechs with their own contributions with the support of the mother country, it is located in Vračar at 79 Svetozara Markovića Street, but it has not been owned by them for more than half a century.

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