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The challenge of the instructor and college students of the First Kragujevac Excessive Faculty is among the many 10 finest modern options for studying on the earth

The teacher and mentor of the team Katarina Veljković states that she is proud of her students.

“By creating the Escape Room in Minecraft, we became part of the world. We showed that we are real creators of teaching content that increase awareness of the importance of safe use of the Internet and thus raise the level of digital literacy of students to a higher level. Most importantly, the methodology we used in the creation “Escape rooms can be applied to all subjects, and that’s why this approach is recognized as innovative,” says Veljković.

The Escape Room project won its place in the finals in the competition of 800 received applications from over 50 countries around the world. Voting is open until November 21.

You can vote for the project of the teacher and students of the First Kragujevac High School on the website etf.europa.eu.

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