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The fireplace on Vršački breg is underneath management

On the ground there are also workers of PUK Drugi Oktobar, members of the MUP, as well as the Forestry Administration, and they are all working to localize the fire at several locations on Breg.

A large number of people participate in extinguishing the fire, and the fire has already been extinguished in the area near the Vršačka tower, while in other places work is being done on localization.

The city of Vršac has made all resources and personnel available and, together with the fire department, is participating in extinguishing the fire.

The terrain is very inaccessible, all services give their maximum.

The mayor of Vršac appeals to the citizens not to come to the hill and not to start self-initiated extinguishing actions, because due to the conditions and the terrain itself, it can be very dangerous and can interfere with the services working on extinguishing.

She called on everyone to be more careful and responsible in the period of extreme heat in order to prevent such situations from occurring.

Citizens have no reason to worry because everything is currently being done to localize and extinguish the fire, said Mayor Dragana Mitrović.

The fire first broke out in an inaccessible part of Vršački breg, overgrown with grass and low vegetation and scrub, and from there it began to spread towards the cottages and further down towards the urban settlement.

At the fire station, they told RTS that there is no fear that the fire will engulf the houses.

All three vehicles of the Vrsa fire station are on the ground, and colleagues from Pancevo have also arrived to help.

The helicopter unit was also notified to be on standby, but the Vrsa fire station says they believe there will be no need for it.

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