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The Municipality of Prishtina grants property to the US Embassy for the construction of the Residence

The Municipality of Prishtina today signed an agreement with the US Embassy in Prishtina, for the use of municipal immovable property with an area of ​​8,340 square meters, for the construction of a new residence for the Ambassador of the United States of America (USA), in Prishtina .

The signing ceremony was attended by the Mayor of Prishtina, Shpend Ahmeti and the US Ambassador to Kosovo, Philip Kosnett.

After the signing of the agreement, President Shpend Ahmeti said that it is a pleasure to express once again the gratitude for everything that the United States of America has done for our country.

“With the new United States Embassy and Residence, we are showing what has been made clear by the United States years ago, that it is one of our closest partners and is here to stay. To stay with us, in this transition and to develop our state and we are grateful for that. I am also grateful to the Municipal Assembly and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs through which the request was addressed, so thank you once again. What I want to emphasize is that presidents and ambassadors come and go, she. It is a pleasure for us to express once again our gratitude for everything that remains for the citizens are the institutions and we must work to strengthen these, so I am happy that we were fortunate to be signatories to an agreement that has this purpose.

Meanwhile, His Excellency, the US Ambassador to Kosovo, Philip Kosnett said that today on behalf of the American people, he expresses his gratitude to President Ahmeti, the Municipal Assembly and the people of Pristina, who provided access to the land on which the new Residence will be built. Our Head of Mission.

“A modern mansion, which will be a meeting place for Kosovars of all communities to join their American friends to exchange ideas and work together to build a future of peace, justice, and prosperity for them. all people in Kosovo “, it is said in the announcement.

This real estate is offered for use to the US Embassy for 99 years after the agreement is signed.

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