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The “October 1” hall is filled, after numerous cases with Covid-19

After the increase of cases with Covid-19 in our country, there has been great interest of citizens to be vaccinated in the hall “October 1”, in Pristina

Ilmi Vrajolli, who came in the early hours of the morning to receive the second dose of the vaccine, said that they are not at all afraid of the spread of new cases, especially the Delta variant.

Vrajolli has called on everyone to be vaccinated in order to protect their lives.

While, Selim Rafuna said that he received the two doses of the vaccine and that he did not try at all.

He said he was afraid of the large spread of Covid-19, but that it would not become “blacker when the skis arrived”, he says.

291 thousand 645 is the number of citizens vaccinated with both doses.

This data is official from the Ministry of Health, which updates this data every day, in the framework of coronavirus reports.

According to statistics from world health institutions, Kosovo could reach the figure of 70% of the vaccinated population faster than the countries of the region, exactly for the next 121 days.

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