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The person who was arrested by the police after an hour of negotiations, was accused of terrorism – Latest News

The man arrested by police after an hour of negotiations was charged with terrorismIllustrative photo

KM, 32 years old, was arrested today on “Bill Clinton” street in Prishtina, after an hour of negotiations by the Kosovo Police, reports Gazeta Express.

The 32-year-old tried to avoid arrest by threatening police officers with weapons. He was arrested today on suspicion of having committed the criminal offenses of “domestic violence” and “intimidation”.

Today’s arrest in Pristina was confirmed by the spokesperson of the Kosovo Police in the Pristina region, Flora Ahmeti, who said that the event took place around 20:00.

“The suspect: KM male, 32 years old, citizen of the Republic of Kosovo, tried to avoid arrest by threatening police officers with weapons. However, the Rapid Reaction Unit, after long professional negotiations (about an hour) with the suspect, managed to arrest the suspect and seize a firearm “, said Ahmeti.

But who is the 32-year-old who was arrested today?

The PM was accused of traveling to Syria for terrorist purposes, and that on September 2, 2019, through the Hani i Elezit border crossing, they left Kosovo.

KM, is suspected to have traveled to Istanbul, in order to go to Syria and join the terrorist organizations operating there, where he stayed until September 6, 2019.

The indictment states that he was arrested by the Turkish authorities at the Turkish-Syrian border and arrested on December 17, 2019 and handed over to the Kosovo authorities, reports the express newspaper.

Whereas, on February 11, 2021, the Court of Prishtina acquitted KM

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