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The police from tomorrow starts implementing the decisions for the new anti-COVID measures

After the increase of the cases of those affected by COVID-19 and after the new measures taken by the institutions of the country, the Kosovo Police will be active from tomorrow in the realization and implementation of these measures.

Kosovo Police has announced that it will update the Operational Plan, will adapt it to the measures taken and based on those decisions, based on the Anti-COVID Law, from tomorrow it will implement its duties and obligations towards decisions and measures. undertaken in the direction of combating the spread of the pandemic, the Telegraph reports.

“Kosovo Police in this case also appealed, asking citizens, institutions, businesses to respect the latest decisions taken by the government,” said in a statement.

Further, the Police says that “as in the past, based on the law in question, the police will take punitive measures against violators of the law.”

“Therefore, we request that the wearing of the mask be done in those cases as provided by the latest decisions in order to once again manage to reduce the numbers of those affected and to protect public health together,” announced the Police.

The Government of Kosovo on Thursday approved general and special measures to control, prevent and combat the Covid-19 pandemic, following the situation created by the increase in the number of people infected with this virus in our country.

Among the measures is evidence of vaccination against this virus to enter nightclubs, discos, weddings and other family parties with over 100 people, from August 20 to September 10.

In the absence of evidence of vaccination, a negative coronavirus test, not older than 72 hours, an antigen test no older than 48 hours, or evidence of coronavirus overgrowth within 180 days must be presented. / Telegraphy /

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