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The project “E-Health” is launched, it is required to improve health care

At the Main Family Medicine Center (MFMC) in Prishtina, the project “E-Health” was launched to help avoid contacts between doctor and patient. It was also said that health care should be improved.

UNFPA has delivered 186 tablets in order to launch E-Health for Essential Health Services in the Municipality of Prishtina.

This project is funded by the United Kingdom through the British Embassy in Pristina, and is implemented by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) in coordination with the United Nations team in Kosovo (UNKT) MoH, NIPHK and AKM.

The mayor of Prishtina, Shpend Ahmeti, said that he would like the situation to be different after a year of pandemics and for the situation to be normalized.

Ahmeti said the E-Health platform will help avoid contacts between doctor and patient

“It has been a long time since he asked for doctors to be on the front lines. Despite the fact that we have faced nervous patients who have often expressed concern to doctors, we have tried to provide medicines for free and our tests and duties as a municipality are that of service and to be close to the citizens. Today I would be happy to speak differently and without masks and not for 600 cases a day and thus the normalization of life. “E-Health is to avoid unnecessary contact between doctor and patient,” he said.

United Nations Development Coordinator Ulrika Richardson said families with poor economies have had difficulty accessing health and social services.

Richardson said that in Kosovo there is injustice in the provision of health services.

“For me, you are a hero because the world is witnessing the miracle of the work done by health professionals. What we have seen with covid in the world is support and as a UN family we have done a lot of important work together. Many citizens live in poor households and we have seen that they have had a more difficult time in health and social services. I hope we will return to a new normalcy. “In Kosovo, health care needs to be improved,” said Richardson.

The Ambassador of the United Kingdom in Kosovo, Nicholas Abbot said that due to the pandemic many patients with other health problems could not receive other services.

“Since the world began to face the challenge of public health in Kosovo is continuing with serious consequences and has negatively affected the essential health services because many citizens have not received proper treatment and that is why we have joined forces to we help Kosovo against this virus and to face the crises in the future ”.

He called on the institutions to support this initiative even after the completion of this project, as he says that only in this way can a more sustainable health system be offered to the citizens.

The Director of Health in the Municipality of Prishtina, Bujar Gashi, spoke about the challenges faced by health staff.

“Facing the pandemic is more challenging even for the most developed systems than for us and help is welcome. In this case and the region we will start consulting with our citizens,” said Gashi.

Dr. Visare Mujko-Nimani, hopes that the initiative of the municipality of Prishtina will be an example for other municipalities.

“With what we have managed to provide, we are ensuring the health of patients and your health. We hope that the initiative of the municipality of Prishtina will be an example for other municipalities “.

The purpose of this project is to mitigate the impact of the pandemic on the provision of Essential Health Services for 214 thousand 688 residents of the municipality of Prishtina.

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