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These particulars make him extra human than others, Novak all the time helps, and Roger …

03. 11. 2020.

INTERVIEW WHICH stirred up the TENNIS WORLD! About Djokovic, Nadal and Federer and things BEHIND THE SCENES: Those details make him more human than others, Novak always helps, and Roger …

Piotr Sierputowski, the coach of Roland Garros winner Iga jawiątek, gave a very interesting interview for the Polish media.

photo: блиц

The man who is one of the most deserving of Svjatekova’s great success talked about details from the tennis world and answered the inevitable questions about Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer.

Federer in particular will not like what he said!

Every SvjatekPhoto: Yoan Valat / EPA;

Every Svjatek

– Iga asked us to tell her when he congratulated her on her big name. You can’t ignore Rod Laver or Billy Jean King. You should be grateful to them. It is the same with Djokovic, Nadal and Federer – said Sierputovski.

He then presented his views on the “big three”.

– I understand why Iga is a big fan of Rafa. He is a great guy, he has a nice demeanor who always says hello to you, winks, smiles. He is never rude. Djokovic is always very helpful, you can’t deny that. Roger is a legend, one cannot dislike him, but also, one cannot love as much as Rafa!

He then clarified:

– Roger is not where all the players are, he is disappearing. Rafa plays board games with his team, sits with other players and eats the same things as others. Roger has his cook flying with him. These details make Rafa more sympathetic, more human, despite the fact that the machine is on the field – Sierputovski concluded, B92 reports.



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