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This is the twin wife and boys that Agonis Tetaj left behind

It was 2018 when the young man from Deçan, Shaban Gogaj, deprived of life his friend, colleague Agonis Tetajt, leaving him dead on the spot.

After three years, the family members have reopened the case, because the lawyer Besnik Berisha and the Prosecutor Agron Uka, have reclassified it from ‘with planning’ to ‘by negligence’.

It was Agonis’ father who led him big and small, seeking justice for the boy’s case, as the case also published videos from the moment of the event.

Agonis’ case affected everyone, especially his family, his wife and two twin boys who are unfortunately growing up without a father for three years now.

Even more painful is that the justice system in Kosovo is increasing the pain of family members with injustices against them./Kosovarja/

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