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Toni Kuka shows how he motivated Akil Gjakova before winning the gold medal – Latest News

Toni Kuka tells how he motivated Akil Gjakova before winning the gold medal

April 18, 2021 – 23:40


Kosovo is ranked first in the European Judo Championship held in Lisbon, Portugal.

Judokas from Kosovo managed to secure two gold medals, one silver and two 5th places.

Judo coach Driton Kuka spoke about the success achieved in this competition.

Kuka on the show “Sports Show” on “Klan Kosova” said that he is extremely happy with the success.

He stressed that from this competition he singles out the gold medal of judoka Akil Gjakova.

On this occasion, Toni also told the conversation you had with Achilles before the final.

“To be honest, I lost my voice in the Achilles semifinal fight. “Because I was very loud and not that I shouted so much during the war, but maybe the emotion and the great desire that when Achilles went to the finals, at the end of the war, I saw that my voice somehow lost me”.

“Then in the final I shouted even more but apparently I was not heard that loudly, because this often happens in competitions. It is true that after the title of Majlinda Olympic Champion, yesterday was something that as a coach has fulfilled me extremely much. “For the sake of importance, I had the second importance”.

“Do you know how it is in the sports community? especially in Kosovo. If these judokas, except the little ones are winning, the boys are not winning. When Achilles entered the final I was extremely happy. But, of course I managed that joy. Even in the conversation with Achilles before going to “Tatami” I told him “you have to go to the end”. “Now you have to go to the end, because gold is gold and it does not always come to the final of the European Championship.”

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