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UCCK has pretended to be vaccinated patients for COVID, but they have very mild symptoms – Latest News

In UCCK there are patients pretended to be vaccinated for COVID, but they have very mild symptoms

At the Pulmonology Clinic in Prishtina, the number of patients admitted is currently 40, of which 35 patients with COVID negative are and five patients are awaiting confirmation of the result, while with oxygen therapy are about 30.

These for Klan Kosova were announced by the attending physician, Vllaznim Luzha, who added that they have a significant increase in the number of patients who go to visit the specialist clinic of this clinic, which shows that the number of patients has increased.

However, according to him, at the moment they still have free beds in case there is a need for other hospitalizations.

“We also have patients who are vaccinated, but there are fewer. “But the appeal is to be vaccinated, because patients who have been vaccinated with both doses, the manifest forms of the disease are much easier,” he said.

“The Pulmonology Clinic has enough oxygen, and after the renovation of both wards, they have a central oxygenation system in all rooms, so we no longer need cylinders because patients are connected directly to the central system,” explained Luzha .

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