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Water cuts return to many neighborhoods in Pristina due to renewed turmoil – Latest News

Water cuts are returning to many neighborhoods in Pristina due to renewed turbulence

As a result of rain and floods in some areas of the country, there is a renewed increase of turbulence in the Ibar canal, which made it impossible to treat drinking water in accordance with standards.

RWC “Prishtina”, has announced that in order to maintain the quality of drinking water and technological equipment, are obliged to reduce to a minimum the production of water from the Water Treatment Plant in Shkabaj.

“In order to make equal distribution of water to all customers and that the focus of non-supply of water is not only the areas supplied by ITUP Shkabaj, we inform you about the schedule of reductions for these areas (which reductions come into force from today until the stabilization of the situation): From 11: 00-16: 00 with reductions from today will be: Sunshine Coast, white apartments, Mati 1, Zlatari, Kolovica, Sofalia, Tasligje, Ulpiana, Kodra e Trimave, Arberia, Hospital neighborhood, University neighborhood, Dormitories, Hajvalia, Gracanica and Veternik “, it is said in the announcement.

While starting from 12: 00-16: 00, water reductions will have only the high points of the center of Prishtina, Dardania, Lakrishtja, Pejton neighborhood and Calabria.

Whereas, with reductions from 11: 00-17: 00 will be all the villages that gravitate along the main pipe Albanik-Podujevë./Zëri

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