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Weather for the next two days – Latest News

Weather for the next two days

Our country will continue to remain under the influence of air masses with increased atmospheric pressure.

Kosovo Hydrometeorological Institute has announced that the weather will be mostly sunny and stable.

“In the thermal fields we will have a gradual increase, causing the mercury in the thermometer to reach values ​​around 35-36 degrees Celsius, while the minimums remain almost similar to the values ​​of recent days,” said in the announcement of KHMI

According to KHMI, the UV index will mark increased values ​​which means risk for a stratum of the population who have chronic diseases.

KHMI has also announced that these increased values ​​of the UV index are undesirable for older people.

“Therefore, the advice of the NIPH from 09-17, possibly not to be in direct contact with sunlight”, it is further stated in the announcement.

A light breeze will blow mainly from the northeast. / Voice

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