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Bora Zemani and Arjan Konomi in a love affair ?, Bora surprises with the last statement

The lovely moderator Bora Zemani surprised her fans with an unexpected statement.

She has published three photos where she shows that she feels happy for the end of the Match 40 season.

“How excited today 😍.

A special episode as they deserved to conclude “Per’puthen” @ilir_lara and @ gilbertasimoni.official, I am very happy for you! 😍, Where there is greater pleasure than when the protagonists find love in the program ❤️.

But the first “Match” on the screen was in @arjankonomi_! “Shkesi, as always, is @olsamuhameti 🤩”, was the caption on the photo.

Bora and Arjani matched and we understood today!./InfoKosova/

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