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What happened at the meeting of the Executive Committee of FFK and how did Eroll Salihu escape from dismissal? – Latest news

What happened at the meeting of the Executive Committee of FFK and how did Eroll Salihu escape from dismissal?

June 16, 2021 – 02:56


The President of the Football Federation of Kosovo, Agim Ademi and the Secretary General, Eroll Salihu, have managed once again within a few months to overcome a major crisis between them, which was expected to result in the dismissal of Salihu from the post of FFK secretary -së.

Yesterday (June 15) was held the meeting of the Executive Committee of FFK, from which was announced the dismissal of Salihu after deep and harsh quarrels with the president of FFK, Agim Ademi. But, this did not happen.

Even, in the announcement of FFK after the meeting of the Executive Committee, the case “Ademi-Salihu” is not even mentioned, but in the photo from this meeting, between Salihu and Adem is seen the member Vjollca Krasniqi, the only woman member of the Executive Committee.

“Zeri” learns that the item on the agenda at the last meeting was the dismissal of Eroll Salihu.

Otherwise, “Zeri” has exclusively reported that Eroll Salihu was expected to be fired by the EC.

Salihu himself had stated to the media after the report in question, confirming the disagreements.

“There are some disagreements in competencies between the chairman and the secretary. “Tomorrow the meeting of the Committee will be held and we will discuss”, stated Eroll Salihu for ‘Blic’.

But, sources close to the developments in FFK say that Ademi and Salihu have achieved a “forced peace” after being afraid of each other for publishing abuses that have been made within the football institution in recent years and for the abuse of official positions. .

It is learned that Salihu sent a letter to the EC members before the meeting took place.

It is even said that both of them have been warned and threatened by each other beforehand for publishing many things that the public does not know and that have happened within the institution of Kosovar football.

One of these secrets has to do with a letter that came from UEFA a year ago, through which the Ethics Committee requested from Ademi evidence of innocence due to the trial against him, in which Ademi was also sentenced a prison sentence, but since then the Appeal has already sent his case for retrial.

On the contrary, UEFA had made it clear that it would not recognize Adem’s mandate, which was kept secret not only by Adem, but also by Salihu.

In order not to make the worst happen, each of them has released “pe” to achieve reconciliation and continuation of cooperation, writes “Metro”.

This is the second time in a short time that Ademi and Salihu are going through major crises, in which it is said that there have been almost physical confrontations.

In February, there were reports of a physical clash between them, but Ademi and Salihu through a joint statement had denied the clash, but had confirmed the quarrels, disagreements and even high-pitched debates between them. /Zeri.info

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