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“When you feel fulfilled and perfect”, Adriana Matoshi shines with the elegant look next to Keith

Despite numerous criticisms and insults, Adriana Matoshi continues to be extremely happy in the arms of her boyfriend, Keith Groeneveld.

The actress, aged by thousands of fans on social networks, is proving day by day the great love she has for her partner – 20 years younger.

The same are enjoying quite a bit of time together, as they recently got attention with the elegant appearance on one of their outings.

It was the actress from Gjilan who shared some new images with Keith, in one of their joint appearances.

Matoshi looks in great shape with the black dress with nude shades, and Keith on the other side with the blue suit.

“When you feel fulfilled and perfect,” she wrote.

Reactions in the comment space continued as always with their friends who complimented them on the ‘look’, while others were not absent with the usual criticism of the couple.

The footballer from Africa has been in Kosovo for several days and is spending a summer period with his girlfriend.

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