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РТС :: Тешки дани за Вошу

In a statement, later defeat by TSC at the start of the spring part of the season, it is stated that such a bad situation in the club is not remembered.

“Today, our box was only ten percent full, while the majority on ‘Karađorđe’ were people from TSC, as if few people cared about our Vojvodina or as if they were playing in Bačka Topola. We all together, players and professionals The police come to the trainings in ‘Vujadin Boskov’, and only the management of the club is to blame for this situation and they have to bear the responsibility Mr. Samardzic (president of the club) has to fight for us employees, not to “Everything promised to us so far has not been kept, so we have a feeling that no one is protecting us,” the statement said.

Football players and employees say that five salaries were not paid to workers and three salaries to players, and that they want it all to be paid in full.

“We only trust each other, we are alone in this and that is the position of the entire professional staff, players and employees, and that is why we had to announce ourselves,” the statement added.

As they point out, they are disappointed and emptied of everything, so the players will only formally come to trainings from Monday and “play foot tennis until all salaries are paid”.

“Please find a common language, people should not starve and the only problem of FC Vojvodina is that there is no harmony and it is as if the club’s management does not talk to each other. We are the only bright spot in Vojvodina and the biggest shame is that we owe money for it. which we have honestly earned, “the statement concluded.

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