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At present he’s Saint Ignatius, as a result of he was thrown to the lions in Rome

Saint Ignatius, a disciple of John the Theologian, is also known as Ignatius of Antioch.

He was called the God-bearer because Jesus Christ held him in his arms when he was a child.

He was the third patriarch of the Church of Antioch, he introduced the antiphonal way of chanting in the church.

He refused to admit idolatry, which is why he was thrown to the lions in Rome in 106.

The beasts tore him apart, but his heart remained intact. They say that even today he calls everyone who calls on him for help in trouble.

In our nation, hard work is not done today, especially for women. In some places, this day, which abounds in ritual acts, is also called Chicken Day or Chicken Christmas.

It is also celebrated as a baptismal feast.

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