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15 houses in Prishtina are blocked due to snow

Some houses have been blocked by heavy snow in Kolovica, Pristina.

They are walking this path every day.

The children of the Duriqi family are tired of the long walk to go to school.

These children can only walk to school because vehicles cannot cross this road.

Cold weather and heavy snowfall have blocked several houses in the Kolovica neighborhood in the capital.

Anuari shows how difficult it is for him to go to school.

Anuar’s father is even worried about his children.

He says it is quite difficult to send the children to school and take them home again.

And the elderly do not leave the house at all.

There is also someone else who is tired of climbing this road.

Dissatisfied he is complaining about this path he calls horrible.

Meanwhile, Zahir Gashi shows that they have made several requests to the Municipality of Prishtina to ask for help in opening the road.

The media contacted the Municipality of Prishtina to receive clarifications regarding this issue, but they did not respond.

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