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2.8 million tourists chose Albania in 2021, over 1 million came from Kosovo

In Albania you will not only find nature and beaches, but also cheap prices.

This is also the reason why foreigners visit our country.

Reza is from Australia.

He came to Albania together with his friend, Osjen, from France.

“If we compare it with Croatia, Italy, or other neighboring countries, it gives you the opportunity to see the same things, but cheaper.

“I think that Albania is a country undiscovered by tourists, there are beaches, rivers”, said Reza.

“In Paris it costs 50 euros just one dish, while here it costs 5 euros a dish,” said Osjen.

“It is many times better than I expected.

It’s a very good relationship of what you pay for and what you offer.

“Along with food, museum visits, a day in Tirana costs about 30 euros,” said a tourist from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

On average a tourist stays in our country 4.3 nights and spends approximately 52 euros per day.

Although Albania offers cheap prices, security remains a concern.

“I have heard many things about Albania, for example it is not a safe country, but I will have to see for myself how true this is,” said Reza.

“In Poland it is said that in Albania by many street gangs”, said a Polish tourist.

There are also those who take it with sportsmanship.

“We have heard that there are gangs, but we feel safe,” said a tourist from Spain.

In the first months of this year, according to INSTAT data, over 2.8 million foreign visitors entered Albania, although 1,381,532 were from Kosovo./Euronews Albania

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